wpForo 2.2 正式版发布

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新版本 [已关闭] wpForo 2.2 正式版发布

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官方刚刚发布了 wpForo 2.2 中间版本!

wpForo 2.2 附带许多修复的小袋子。为 wpForo 开发人员和管理 wpForo 函数添加了一些钩子。


  • 更新后,如果您有,请删除所有缓存并清除 CDN。
  • 更新后,如果您启用了此缓存,请刷新 Redis 对象缓存


2.2.9 变化

  • Added: Topic type classes to wrapper DIVs for better styling
  • Added: Classes to all dates in topics and posts
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Fatal error when BuddyPress or Ultimate Member is deactivated
  • Fixed Bug: Emoji encoding issue to be saved in utf8mb4 database tables
  • Fixed Bug: to JS popup login and registration links


2.2.8 Changes

  • Added: Display subforums' topics with the parent forum topics. By default the feature is disabled, you can enable it in Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Display Topics & Posts admin page
  • Added: Can post and can listen to voice posting permissions
  • Fixed Bug: Fixed some font awesome icons
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Fatal Errors
  • Fixed Bug: Problems with options cache
  • New Addon: wpForo - Voice Posting


2.2.7 Changes

  • Improved: Forum search supports exact phrase search and boolean search:
    • Example: "search phrase"for exact phrase search
    • Example: +search +phrasefor boolean search ("+" means AND)
    • Example: -"search phrase" for boolean search ("-" means NOT)
    • Example: search* for wildcard search
  • Added: rel="nofollow" to share buttons and links
  • Updated: Font Awesome to 6.5.1
  • Updated: Replaced Twitter share buttons to X, with icons and colors
  • Hooks: Added hooks to display user fields on posts and member list using wpForo User Custom Fields addon


2.2.6 Changes

  • Added: Detecting the timezone from the user's browser if it's not set in the account settings
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


2.2.5 Changes

  • Compatibility: Adopted with old 7.x PHP version to avoid PHP errors
  • Fixed Bug: Last post information on forum list
  • Fixed Bug: Forum participants avatars
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerability to Content Injection
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Fixed Bug: PHP error / Syntax error, unexpected '|', expected variable (T_VARIABLE))
  • Fixed Bug: PHP error / Typed property wpforo\classes\Cache::$dir must not be accessed before initialization
  • Fixed Bug: PHP error / Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array, null given in includes/hooks.php:1528
  • Fixed Bug: PHP error / Trying to access array offset on value of type null in themes/2022/layouts/2/post.php
  • Fixed Bug: Fatal error on user login and registration


2.2.4 Changes

  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.4
  • Added: Hook to control enabled activity types for BuddyPress integration
  • Added: Better performance of Simplified forum layout
  • Changed: Twitter to X, icons and labels
  • Fixed Bug: XSS vulnerability issue
  • Fixed Bug: User registration vulnerability
  • Fixed Bug: Validating uploaded avatar files
  • Fixed Bug: No way to select empty value for dropdown field
  • Fixed Bug: Fatal error: array_merge() argument #2 must be of type array, null given in wpforo/classes/Activity.php:217


2.2.3 Changes

  • Added: New hooks for activity editing and deleting methods
  • Added: Suggesting correct page for setting forum as the home page
  • Fixed Bug: Statistic issue on forum list of the Simplified Layout
  • Fixed Bug: Remove auto-generation of log files
  • Fixed Bug: 404 error when accessing URLs with postid in numeric permalink structure
  • New Addon: wpForo - Paid Membership Pro Integration 


2.2.2 Changes

  • Added: Increase max length of avatar URL field
  • Added: Synchronize user roles and usergroups when roles are updated
  • Fixed Bug: Issue with adding new forum access in non-latin languages
  • Fixed Bug: Secondary usergroups syncing issue with multiple user roles
  • New Addon: wpForo – MemberPress Integration
  • New Addon: wpForo – SureMembers Integration


2.2.1 Changes

  • Fixed Bug: PHP Error with Blog-Forum Cross Posting addon
  • Fixed Bug: Forum board pageid shows “not found” message for Forum Admin
  • Fixed Bug: Permission issue with editing of forum cover image


2.2.0 Changes

  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.3
  • Added: Button to copy a forum with all settings and permissions in dashboard
  • Added: Filter hook to change wpForo cache directory
  • Added: New email shortcodes [user_group_name], [user_group_names], [user_secondary_group_names]
  • Added: Improved canonical URL generation and filtering unnecessary parts
  • Added: Flexible tag separator, hook to change it
  • Added: Shortcode for activity, account, and other profile pages
  • Added: Hooks:
    • wpforo_cache_dir
    • wpforo_tag_separator
    • wpforo_init_canonical_url
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Fatal error when disable following and subscriptions modules
  • Fixed Bug: Issue with arabic comma in topic tags
  • Fixed Bug: RTL issues with some font-awesome icons
  • Fixed Bug: RTL issues with tags
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  • 版本 2.2.10
  • 添加: 不同开发人员要求的大量新钩子
  • 修复问题: Improved the init_current_object() function to avoid PHP errors
  • 修复问题: Fix wpforo_urlencode() to lowcase URLs carefully
  • 新扩展: wpForo – User Mentioning
  • 扩展更新: wpForo – User Custom Field
  • 新添加 [wpforo-members] 带有用户字段过滤器和排序参数的短代码
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